Download Stock Rom For Xiaomi 12

How to Install Stock rom on a Xiaomi 12 phone: In this article, we will guide you on installing the official stock ROM (firmware ) flash file on your Xiaomi 12. The Xiaomi 12 device runs out of the box with Android’s latest version. the MediaTek processor and snapdragon power it. This guide will help flash ROM on your Xiaomi 12 device.

How to download and install stock rom

To install the firmware flash file on Xiaomi 12, you need to download the Mi Flash tool (also known as the Smartphone flash tool). This method is simple and easy. We have also added a video and step-by-step to flash the firmware file easily.

Benefits of Install Stock ROM (firmware) on Xiaomi 12

  • Download and save the Xiaomi 12 Stock ROM flash file on your computer and laptop
  • If your Xiaomi 12 device is dead, you can unbrick it using the Stock ROM file
  • You can fix or repair the IMEI on your device using Data Base files from the Stock ROM
  • Remove any malware, virus, or Adware from the Xiaomi 12 device
  • You can fix the boot loop issue on the Xiaomi 12 device
  • Solve the app opening problem and error on the Xiaomi 12 device
  • Fix All type Network related issues on the Xiaomi 12 device
  • Can Backup all types of files on Xiaomi 12
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Download Pre-Requirements Xiaomi 12 Flash Files

Details File Link
Make sure to charge your Xiaomi 12 device more than 75%
Take a complete backup of your Xiaomi 12 Android phone
Download the fast boot driver for Xiaomi 12 Download Link
Download the  Xiaomi 12 Flash tool Download Link
Download the Xiaomi 12 Firmware Download Link

How to install Stock ROM two easy method

Method 01. Stock ROM Flash using the MI Flash tool on Xiaomi 12

Step 01. Bootloader unlock on Xiaomi 12

  • Backup your data: Unlock the bootloader will delete all data on your Xiaomi 12 device, so back up your important data.

Step 02. Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging

  • Go to “Settings” on your Xiaomi 12 device and tap “About phone”
  • Find and tap on “MIUI version” seven times to enable Developer Options on your Xiaomi 12 phone
  • Go back to the main “Settings” screen and Open “Additional settings”
  • Click Developer options and Enable “OEM unlocking” and “USB debugging.

Step 03. Create Mi Account

  • Create or sign in with your Mi Account on your Xiaomi 12 device
  • This account will be used to request the bootloader unlock permission on Xiaomi 12
  • Go to the official Xiaomi 12 Unlock page: Mi Unlock.
  • Click on “Unlock Now” and log in with your Mi Account.
  • Fill in the required information, and submit your application, and Wait for Approval
  • Xiaomi 12 will review your application, and it may take a few days to receive approval.
  • You’ll get a notification in the Mi Unlock tool when your request is approved
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Step 04. Download and install Mi Unlock tool

  • Download the Mi Unlock tool on your computer from the official Xiaomi 12 website
  • Install the Mi Unlock tool on your computer and Connect Your Xiaomi 12 Phone to your Computer
  • Power off your Xiaomi 12 device and Press the Volume Down button and the Power button both to enter Fastboot mode
  • Connect your Xiaomi 12 phone to the computer using a USB cable

Step 05. Unlock the Bootloader on the Xiaomi 12

  • Open the Mi Unlock tool on your computer or laptop
  • Sign in with the same Mi Account that you used to request the unlock permission.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions in the Mi Unlock tool to unlock the bootloader.
  • After unlocking, your Xiaomi 12 device will automatically reboot
  • and finally successfully bootloader unlock on Xiaomi 12

How to Unlock the Bootloader in a Few Steps video method

Step 06. Now, Flash the Stock Rom on Xiaomi 12

  • In this article How to install Step by step stock ROM on Xiaomi 12 smartphones using the Mi Flash tool.
  • Download the Mi Flash tool on your computer or laptop

  • Power off your Xiaomi 12 device and Press the volume down and power key buttons and connect your device using the Orignal USB cable
  • Install any pending drivers, please click on ok to install the pending drivers. and restart your computer

  • Click on the select button and select the Fastboot folder file

  • Once the file is loaded up, flash the file and select the “clean all” option on your computer
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  • It might take more than 2-5 minutes for the flashing process to complete. Please do not turn off your Computer or disturb the USB connection to your Xiaomi 12 smartphone

  • Once the process is done, you will show the success screen. Now you can restart your Xiaomi 12 smartphone and see if it is working

  • finally, Stock rom flash on Xiaomi 12

Method 02. Stock Rom Flash using the Recovery menu on Xiaomi 12

  • We will tell about how to install stock rom in Xiaomi 12 phone using the recovery menu in this article
  • Open the TWRP Recovery menu and Click on the Wipe icon
  • Now, Here choose factory reset and slide to the right on the
  • Now, Once the factory reset process is complete, go back to the main menu and clock on the install button
  • Navigate to the Recovery ROM zip file and select the file
  • Slide to the right to complete the action
  • Now, Once the action is successful, your Xiaomi 12 device will reboot automatically
  • and finally, successfully stock rom flash on Xiaomi 12


There are many ways to install Stock ROM on a Xiaomi 12 phone, but the easiest way is to use a Computer. Many processes can be used but they are a bit difficult and none work that much better overall this is the easiest way to install Stock ROM Xiaomi 12 phone

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