Fix Common Issue on Honor 100

Recently Honor 100 phone was launched, It is a very good phone, and it provides more features at a lower price, but after using this device, some people started facing common issues and problems, so let’s go to Fix Common Issues on Honor 100 device troubleshooting problems, not turning on, freezing, overheating, not charging, not connecting to Wi-Fi, slow performance, software update issues, screen not responding, camera not working, Bluetooth connectivity problems, storage full, battery draining fast, touchscreen sensitivity issue information is given below

You can see they still suffer from bugs and problems on any device. Today in this article, I have shown you how to Fix Common Issues and Problems at Honor 100. So let me guide you through the Honor 100 phone step-by-step

What are Common Issues and Problems on Honor 100 Phones?

The Honor 100 phone is a good smartphone that provides a lot of features, and performance for minimum money but after some time common issues and problems start coming into it like

  1. Battery Drain
  2. Overheating
  3. Software Bugs
  4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  5. Camera Performance
  6. Touchscreen Issues
  7. Call Quality
  8. Fingerprint and Face Unlock
  9. Storage and Memory
  10. System Updates

Drawbacks of Common Issues and Problems in Honor 100

Due to the issue and technical problems in Honor 100 phones, the user faces a lot of problems, among them it is the following
  1. Customer Dissatisfaction
  2. Negative Word-of-Mouth
  3. Reduced Customer Loyalty
  4. Impact on Sales and Revenue
  5. Increased Customer Support Workload
  6. Resource Allocation
  7. Competitive Disadvantage
  8. Potential Returns and Refunds
  9. Legal and Regulatory Issues
  10. Difficulty in Attracting

Fix Common Issues and Problems on Honor 100

I’ve covered some concerns I had with Honor 100 in this article. Every solution listed below has been tried and tested to work. Please read this article through to the conclusion About the Honor 100 phone. You will benefit greatly from it

I strongly advise you to read the entire essay to prevent confusion. Additionally, before using any approach on your Honor 100 gadget, be sure you fully comprehend it.

How to Fix the Heating Issue in Honor 100

For some time, you have been facing the problem of heating in your Honor 100 phone, in the present time, this problem is usually coming in all types of phones, and the heating problem that is coming in it can be fixed by improving it.

  • Unplug the mobile phone when it is fully charged
  • Use a thin cover on your mobile phone so that there is no heating problem in your phone.
  • Do not play games during phone charging and do not use your mobile phone excessively while charging.
  • Charge your mobile phone with the original charger
  • Do not play games on mobile phone for a long time due to which heating problem arises.
  • Do not install unsupported apps and gaming apps on your phone
  • Keep your mobile properly updated and also update other apps from the Play Store.
  • Never fill the storage of your mobile phone, it can slow down your phone and cause heating problems.
  • Sometimes the mobile heats up due to the hot environment.
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How to Fix Poor Battery Life on Honor 100

If the battery life of your Honor 100 phone has become very bad, then read the points given below.

  • Enable GPS only when you need it, otherwise turn it off
  • If you uninstall an app like Cleaner on your mobile
  • Do not download apps from other places other than Play Store, so that the battery life of the phone will be good.
  • Always run your mobile on normal setting, do not go to advanced
  • If your phone’s battery is going down very soon, you should install a new one.
  • Run the mobile at normal brightness
  • don’t play too many games on your phone

How to Fix Lag on Your Honor 100 Phone

If you are running slow or having other problems while using a Honor 100 phone, then the following steps are given to fix it.

  • If you are using any anti-virus app then uninstall it
  • If you uninstall an app like Cleaner on your mobile
  • Check that your mobile’s internal storage is not full, if it is then empty it.
  • Connect your mobile to a computer or laptop and check it with such antivirus which will remove the virus from your phone.
  • When the internet runs slow then your phone will run slow at that time.
  • You reset your phone once so that the speed will run as compared to before.
  • If you have installed a custom theme then uninstall it
  • You will not use third-party apps in any way
  • To keep the regular phone up-to-date

How to Fix Sudden Shutdown in Honor 100

If your Honor 100 phone is shutting down immediately then you should pay attention to these things

  • Check that the battery is working properly or else replace the battery.
  • The phone must be shutting down due to overheating
  • Use a thin cover on your mobile phone so that there is no Sudden Shutdown problem in your phone.
  • Check if the internal storage of your mobile is not full, if it is then empty it. This will also be the reason for the switch-off

How to Fix Common Hardware Issues in Honor 100

You must have seen that sometimes hardware problem comes in the phone, due to which there is a lot of issue in the phone, which is given below.

  • Battery Draining Quickly
  • Overheating
  • Screen Not Responding or Touch Issues
  • Camera Problems
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
  • Low Call Volume or Speaker Issues

How to Fix Camera Quality and Focus Issues in Honor 100

If you are facing camera-related problems in your Honor 100 phone, then you should pay attention to these things which are given below.

  • First of all, restart the Honor 100 phone so that all the camera-related issues can be fixed.
  • Keep updating the software continuously, due to which your camera-related issue may end.
  • Try cleaning the cache and data of the camera app to improve camera performance.
  • If you want, you can use a third-party app, which will make your photo better, but there is a lot of danger in using this type of app.
  • You can adjust the custom setting by going to the camera setting of the Honor 100 phone, which can also solve the focus issue and picture quality.
  • HDR mode can help improve the dynamic variety of your snapshots, specifically in harsh lighting conditions.
  • While clicking the photo, tap on the display, which will focus and the picture quality will be better.
  • Clean the camera lens with a clean cloth while taking pictures.
  • Check whether the picture quality is correct in light and conditions.
  • Fix Common Hardware Issues
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How to Fix Speaker and Audio Problems in Honor 100

You will often see that the problem starts in the speaker and audio in the Honor 100 phone, due to which the voice does not start coming clear, then The solution to all these problems is given below.

  • Once you restart your phone, check whether the audio is coming from the speaker or not.
  • Check your phone’s volume setting
  • You can check with an app like a media player
  • Once you check the software update on your Honor 100 phone
  • Clear audio app data on your Honor 100 phone
  • You remove the Bluetooth and audio connection from your Honor 100
  • Close unnecessary background apps and uninstall then play audio
  • Also, check the headphone jack of your Honor 100 phone
  • You can also check the Do Not Disturb mode by going to the notification bar of your Honor 100 phone.
  • Try factory resetting the Honor 100 phone once.

How to Fix Software Updates and Beta Programs in Honor 100

Sometimes you keep getting problems like software updates in your Honor 100 phone, so do this to fix it.

Step 1: Troubleshooting Software Update Problems

  • Sometimes you keep getting problems like software updates in your Honor 100 phone, so do this to fix it.
  • Clear your Honor 100 phone settings data
  • Honor 100 phone Convert to reboot mode
  • Factory reset Honor 100 phone

Step 2: Participating in Beta Programs

  • Sign up for the Beta Program on your Honor 100 phone from the official site
  • You can also have problems in installing Beta Software, then its instructions must be followed.
  • If there is any problem while installing Beta Software, then you can tell the problem through feedback.
  • If you want to leave the Honor 100 Beta Program then you can do a factory reset.

How to Fix Apps opens slowly on your Honor 100 phone

Honor 100 smartphones are opening slowly, here are some easy steps to fix the issue

  • restart the Honor 100 phone which will increase the performance of the phone
  • Keep updating the Honor 100 phone
  • Clear app cache in Honor 100 phone
  • Clear the data of all the apps on your Honor 100 phone
  • Keep the necessary app and uninstall the rest
  • Keep Honor 100 phone storage free
  • Close all the background apps that work on the Honor 100 phone
  • I must reset it once

How to Fix sudden app crashes on Your Honor 100 phone

If you have a Honor 100 phone and it gets sudden app crashes then you can fix it in this way

  • Keep your Honor 100 phone data clear
  • Keep the internal storage of Honor 100 phones to more than half
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app you were installing
  • Check your mobile version
  • Take out your Honor 100 phone from power mode or safe mode
  • Scan your Honor 100 phone with antivirus once.

How to Fix the Bluetooth Connection Problem in Honor 100

If you have a Honor 100 phone and a Bluetooth connection issue is coming, then you can fix it in this way

  • Check your Honor 100 phone that it is not running in safe mode.
  • You should check the OTA update on your Honor 100 phone otherwise it also happens because of this.
  • You default the Bluetooth setting in the Honor 100 phone
  • Connect the Honor 100 phone to another phone and check
  • First, turn off Bluetooth then turn it on
  • Remove all the phones or devices that were connected to Honor 100

How to Fix the Cellular Network and Mobile Network Issues on Honor 100

To Resolve cellular network and mobile network troubles on your Honor 100 smartphone, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

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  • Verify your local area’s network coverage
  • Switch off and then back on your Honor 100 phone
  • Experiment with Airplane Mode on and off
  • Verify that your SIM card is correctly inserted and is not damaged
  • Select the appropriate network type in the settings (for example, 4G/3G/2G)
  • Reset the phone’s settings for the network
  • Install the most recent software update for your Honor 100 phone
  • To get help if the issue continues, call your mobile service provider

As a last resort, take into account conducting a factory reset, but keep in mind to first back up your data

How to Fix wifi Connection Problems on your Honor 100 phone

Here is an easy guide that will show you how to resolve Wi-Fi connection problems on your Honor 100 smartphone:

  • Verify that you have a strong signal and are close to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and Honor 100 phone.
  • Verify that you’re using the right Wi-Fi password.
  • Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network after forgetting it.
  • Your Honor 100 phone network settings should be reset.
  • Install the most recent software update for your Honor 100 phone.
  • In the Wi-Fi settings, disable “Wi-Fi Optimization”.
  • If necessary, check and modify the router’s settings.
  • Connect to a different Wi-Fi network on Honor 100 Phone
  • Consider a factory reset as a last resort (back up your data first).

Visit an authorized service center for help if the issue continues as it may be a hardware problem with Honor 100

How to Fix Display Cracked and Touch Problems on Honor 100 Phone

Here is a quick, step-by-step instruction to help you repair your Honor 100 phone’s broken screens and touch-related issues:

  • You can link your Honor 100 phone to your computer or laptop via a USB cord. You can quickly access all of your info by doing this.
  • Take out and re-insert your micro SD card if you have data stored on it. See if this resolves the problem.
  • The screen sensor’s breakdown may be the issue
  • You can use an OTG cable to use any apps on your Honor 100 phone.
  • Connect your wireless mouse and keyboard. This enables you to use your Honor 100 phone just like a computer.
  • If your touch feature doesn’t function properly, try the methods above.
  • I hope the above-mentioned steps are beneficial to you and usable.

How to Fix Apps not Install from the Play Store on Honor 100

Here is a quick instruction for solving the issue with apps not installing from the Play Store on your Honor 100 phone.

  • Check Internet Connection
  • Restart your Honor 100 Phone
  • Clear Play Store Cache and Data
  • Check Date and Time Settings
  • Disable Play Protect
  • Check Storage Space in the Honor 100 phone
  • Update Play Store
  • Check Parental Controls
  • Check for Software Updates on the Honor 100 Phone
  • Remove and Re-add Google Account
  • Check VPN or Proxy Settings
  • Factory Reset

How to Fix Fingerprint Scanner Problem on Honor 100 Phone

The fingerprint is given in Honor 100 phones from the point of view of security, but it stops working slowly in a few days, then read the points given below to fix it.

  • Clean the Fingerprint Sensor
  • Remove and Re-Register the Fingerprint
  • Check for Software Updates
  • Update Honor 100 UI/ColorOS Version
  • Check the Fingerprint Sensor Setting
  • Reset Fingerprint Settings
  • Remove the Screen Protector or Case
  • Clean Your Hands


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This article answers every issue you have with the Honor 100 smartphone and offers answers. I did my best to address any potential problems that Honor 100 customers might experience with their cell phones.

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