Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy M21s

How to unlock the bootloader on Galaxy M21s: In this article, we guide you through the steps to unlock the bootloader on Galaxy M21s Phones using two easy methods. Start up the full potential of your Galaxy M21s device by following these instruction procedures, empowering you to Unlock the Bootloader of Your Galaxy M21s Phone.

What is Bootloader Unlock on Galaxy M21s

An unlocked bootloader refers to a state in which the bootloader of a mobile device, such as a Galaxy M21s phone, has been modified to allow the installation and execution of custom firmware, custom recoveries, and custom ROMs

Benefits of Unlocking the Bootloader in Galaxy M21s

Benefit Description
Custom ROMs Install custom firmware for new features and full customization
Custom Recoveries Use custom recovery tools for advanced level and backup options
Root Access Gain administrative privileges for in-depth system customization in Galaxy M21s device
System-level Modifications Make modifications at the system level for a personalized user experience
Third-party Apps and Modules Install apps and modules not available on the official app stores
Developer Options Access advanced developer settings and tools on Galaxy M21s device
Backup and Recovery Create full backups and recover your system easily

Drawbacks of Unlocked Bootloader in Galaxy M21s

Drawback Description
Warranty Void Unlocking the bootloader may void the Galaxy M21s device warranty
Security Risks increased susceptibility to possible malware and security risks
Software Instability Custom modifications can lead to software instability and glitches on Galaxy M21s device
OTA Updates Updates from the Official may no longer work properly on Galaxy M21s device
Limited App Support Some apps may not work correctly or may not be available for unlocked Galaxy M21s devices
Data Loss Unlocking the bootloader can result in data loss during the process
Brick Risk There is a risk of “bricking” the device if the unlocking process goes wrong.
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Disclaimer for unlocking the bootloader in the Galaxy M21s device

We have to note that unlocking the bootloader of your Galaxy M21s phone has some risks and drawbacks which may void the warranty of the phone, if not done securely our data can be misused by other hackers and Your device may be harmed. Read the guide and instructions before unlocking the bootloader, only then make system-level changes

Important Guide Before Unlocking the Bootloader in Galaxy M21s Phones

Key Points Details
Backup your data All necessary data is backed up to prevent loss during the unlocking process
Research and understand the process bootloader unlocking process through trust sources
Galaxy M21s official support Check for any official support or guidelines provided by Galaxy M21s for bootloader unlocking.
Developer option and USB debugging Enable Developer Options and USB debugging on your device before initiating the process
Unlocking process Understand the specific steps involved in unlocking the bootloader of your Galaxy M21s device
Bootloader unlocks data loss Unlocking the bootloader may result in data loss, so back up before
Battery level check Ensure your device has 75% sufficient battery to avoid battery issues during unlocking
OEM Unlocking Enable OEM Unlocking in Developer Options as it is a prerequisite for bootloader unlocking
Security risks Acknowledge potential security risks associated with unlocking the bootloader
Warranty implications Note that unlocking the bootloader may void your device warranty

What is the Fastboot tool

Fastboot, an efficient command-based tool, exclusively operates in the Galaxy M21s device bootloader unlocked or fastboot mode. It simplifies flashing fastboot files or image files on your device, facilitating tasks like recovering stock recovery, unlocking the bootloader, resetting phone data, and more through a range of user-friendly commands.

Opening your device in fastboot mode and connecting it with your PC, Computer, And laptop type specific commands, and enjoy the changes. It’s worth mentioning that the Fastboot tool and method are straightforward and easy to use Galaxy M21s device bootloader unlocked. You need to follow the specific commands and prompts step-by-step to get results.

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Download Pre-Requirement Files

Details Links
You will need to PC or laptop and a USB cable
The unlocking process requires at least 75% battery
Download the Galaxy M21s USB driver file Download Here
Download ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC and install them Download Here
Make sure to take a complete backup of your Galaxy M21s Android phone Download Here
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How to Easy unlock bootloader on Galaxy M21s Device

Method 1: Bootloader unlock on a Galaxy M21s device

Step 1: How to turn on the Developer Options 

  • Go to the Settings” of your Galaxy M21s smart device
  • Tap “About device” or “About phone” on Galaxy M21s Smartphone
  • Tap “Software information” on the Galaxy M21s device
  • Tap “Build number” seven times continuously
  • Enter your pattern, PIN, or password to enable the Developer options menu on the Galaxy M21s Smartphone
  • The “Developer options” menu will now appear in your Settings menu on the Galaxy M21s Smartphone
  • {Depending on your smartphone device, it may appear under Settings > General > Developer options}
  • Turn on OEM Unlock and USB Debugging option

Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number > Developer option > OEM Unlock >USB debugging

Step 2: Reboot mode Enable

  • Turn off your Galaxy M21s device completely, then press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons of your Galaxy M21s device together and connect it to your PC (Laptop) by using a USB cable
  • This will boot your Galaxy M21s device into Download/Recovery Mode
  • When you get to the Download or Recovery menu, press and hold the Volume Up key on the phone until the “Unlock Bootloader” screen Appears.
  • Now on the next screen, press the Volume Up button again to unlock the bootloader {If you are prompted that unlocking the bootloader will delete entire data on your device, just proceed}
  • Wait for some time till the process is completed, then your Galaxy M21s device will reboot

Turn off your device > Press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons > Connect device and PC > Recovery Mode > Unlock Bootloader > Press the Volume Up button > device will reboot

Method 2: Bootloader Unlock on a Galaxy M21s device via ADB & Fastboot

You will need a PC, or laptop to unlock the bootloader on Galaxy M21s with this ADB and Fastboot method. But this method is a little complicated. You have to follow each step carefully applied

  • Enable Developer options and OEM Unlock at first on your Galaxy M21s Phone Already mentioned in method 1
  • Enable the USB Debugging and the Developer options in your Galaxy M21s phone
  • Extract the Download ADB & Fastboot zip file on your Windows PC and install them
  • Connect your Galaxy M21s phone to the PC via the Orignal USB cable
  • Galaxy M21s device is connected, switch off your phone and open the fastboot mode {Press Volume Down and Power Button}
  • Find out the folder where you have installed the ADB folder, otherwise, you can also use the search option to find the ADB folder and open the command Windows.

Two Easy Method to Open the Command Windows

  • Press the Shift key + Right Mouse Click on any empty area, and then Select the open Command Window
  • Type “cmd” in the Search Box and Hit Enter to open CMD.
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Type the following command in CMD and apply

  • Type the Command “adb devices” You will have a pop-up show to allow USB debugging on your Galaxy M21s phone. only tap on the OK button
  • Type the Command “adb reboot bootloader” Now, your Galaxy M21s phone reboots in bootloader mode, and then you check if your phone is showing a locked bootloader or not. If yes, then type the following command given below and press enter
  • Type the Command “fastboot devices” Press Enter, and you will see some random string That means you are ready to proceed. type next command
  • Type the Command “fastboot oem unlock” Press Enter, This command will unlock your Galaxy M21s device Bootloader. type next command
  • Type the Command “fastboot reboot” Finally, your Galaxy M21s phone will reboot into the system. That’s it, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader.

adb devices > adb reboot bootloader > fastboot devices > fastboot oem unlock > fastboot reboot


Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Galaxy M21s device, Now you can Root your smartphone and also Install Custom ROM, and TWRP Recovery on your Galaxy M21s phone.

If you have any confusion or ask questions related to this Galaxy M21s guide, let us know in the comments section and I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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